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cleaner daze, AN ORIGINAL SERIES

Cleaner Daze is a dark comedy series about addiction, written by a recovering drug addict.  It's raw, it's real, it's now.

The story follows Jasmine, a newbie drug counselor as she struggles to wrangle a misfit crew of teenage drug addicts while secretly battling her own addiction.

Cleaner Daze  shines a light on the realities of living with addiction and reminds us there's a little fucked-up in all of us.



Cleaner Daze is produced by Loud and Clean, a non-profit organization dedicated to "out loud" creative works which honor personal stories over statistics, spread a message of hope, and promote creativity as a vehicle for recovery.

Loud and Clean is interested in stories from the bottom, stories that celebrate tiny personal victories, and stories that explore the magic of recovery. If you want to join our mission, have a story to share, would like to be featured in our newsletter, or just want to connect somehow, we'd love to hear from you! 

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